2006_11_brearley.jpgTenants associations are the new black! Afraid that all girls' school Brearley will try to buy their building and force them out, residents at 85 East End Avenue have started a tenants' group and hired a lawyer to get ready to fight. According to the Post, residents say apartment building staff has been rumoring about a sale for months, which is pretty much like having it written in stone, because staffs know everything.

Why so much concern? Many residents at 85 East End are rent-regulated, paying less than $2,000 a month for rent. Usually that would mean the owner would not be able to sell evict tenants, but there's a loophole that allows evictions if the building is operated for educational or charitable purposes.

The building's owner BlackRock Realty hasn't said anything, and Brearley only says that 85 East End Avenue is "one option" for possible expansion.