Daniel Gordon; Photo - APIn another great story of a 27 year-old duping all, the Times has a story on Daniel Gordon, a young, precocious Merill Lynch trader who managed to embezzle $43 million from Merrill. At 23, he was running one of the most successful trading desks - even after never graduating from high school. As far as we can follow the story, Allegheny Energy bought Gordon's trading unit at Merrill, but now Merrill and Allegheny are in a lawsuits over that, plus how Gordon represented himself, with Allegheny claiming that the value of the trading unit was inflated because of Enron shares (the ghost of Enron) and Merrill saying that they were actually defrauded by Gordon... Gordon's deceptions began in high school, when he broke into the computer system to change his grades for his college application transcripts. Of course he was a computer geek. Of course.