In July, investigative news reporter Marcia Kramer broke news about the alarming bike lane terror threat, warning viewers about the city's plans to paint a bike lane on a street that goes by the Israeli Consulate. "Imagine if the man on the bike was a terrorist!" Kramer declared in one of the Bike Lane War's most memorable moments. A bike-riding terrorist has yet to use our bike lanes against us, but that doesn't mean the city is safe from cyclist threats: A bike-riding groper is currently on the loose in Brooklyn.

An unidentified Kensington resident tells The Kensington Prospect Blog that around 8 p.m. on October 19th she was walking on Cortelyou Road between East Ninth Street and Coney Island Avenue when a man on a bike rode up behind her and groped her. "I screamed and hit him with my umbrella but he biked away down Coney Island Avenue towards Church Avenue,” said the victim. "There were plenty of people around but no one said anything even though I was visibly shaken and they saw the guy I was screaming at riding away."

The groper cyclist was reportedly riding a mountain bike wearing a navy hooded sweatshirt. Two days later, Windsor Terrace resident Patricia Mullins says she was physically threatened by a short man on a red mountain bike who was wearing a navy blue hoodie and jeans. "He stopped dead two feet in front of me,” Mullins tells the Brooklyn Paper. “He didn’t let me go down the street.” The man fled after she screamed, and Mullins called the police, only to be told, "Someone on a bike will be long gone — I can’t do anything for you. Next time dial 911."

Last month a man was arrested in connection with a series of bicycling sexual assaults in Astoria. These latest incidents may or may not fit the pattern of of sexual assaults that have many in south Brooklyn on edge. Nevertheless, one cop's response to the new cyclist groping twist does seem a tad blasé.“If these did happen, they’re isolated incidents," a police source tells Brooklyn Paper. “People are getting crazy. There’s a million delivery guys out there working hard that go home at night on a bicycle. They’re all young guys wearing hooded sweatshirts." With this kind of hard-hitting investigative police work, they're going to have this case cracked in no time.