2006_12_atmboa.jpgPolice are searching for a man who has been jamming Bank of America ATM card readers, taking $5,000 from customers' accounts; the man has duped 17 customers since August 23. His M.O. seems to be to insert some sort of jammer into the ATM's card reader that will make it difficult for a customer to remove his/her card. When customers enters, he watches them enter their PIN number and then waits for them to give up trying to remove their cards. Then he takes their cards - and their cash!

Bank of America seems to use those card readers where the whole card is swallowed - versus ATMs that have places to "dip" the card. The Post has a list of the BoA branches he's hit, which include locations in Herald Square-Madison Square Garden, Gramercy Park, and the Upper East Side. And one woman using the ATM near MSG tells the Post, "I try to go to these [bank locations] more than delis because usually you can keep track of your account better. Nothing surprises me though."