Snow's dark side has hit New York in unexpected ways. Last weekend, a girl was killed by a snow plow. Markita Weaver, a 10 year-old who had gone out to play with a girl, was in a snow drift near Richards and Wolcott Streets in Red Hook, making a snow angel, when the plow moved past her, dumping snow on top. Her death was called an accident, but her family is planning to sue the city.

And while snow plows didn't kill him, they certainly prevented people from realizing that a cab driver was dead inside his cab. It seems that the 70 year-old driver suffered a heart attack on Saturday, while still inside his car (parked in front of his building). Then snow plows covered the car, blocking people's views until the snow melted yesterday. Gothamist generally likes snow plows (Mr. Plow!), but we take these stories as warnings: No more playing in snow drifts on the road and try not to have a heart attack in a car during a blizzard.

joe's nyc has fabulous snow plow shots, including one today and one from the weekend (above).