bewarecamera.jpgA Manhattan woman is suing her former roommate for $1 million after she discovered that he had been secretly taping her with a hidden camera while she was in her bedroom. After discovering a camera in what her roommate told her was an "air-cleaning unit", Claudia Pak found more than two dozen video files on his computer of herself "in various states of undress and engaged in activities of a highly personal nature".

The files also revealed that the scheming sicko had tested the equipment on himself, the suit says.

"One video filed consisted of footage of [Tom] in Ms. Pak's bedroom strategically adjusting the camera to capture all of [her] activities," and showed Tom "posing partially nude in what is believed to be his attempt to imitate a nude and unsuspecting Ms. Pak in her bedroom and making sure the camera captured clear footage," the suit says.

The roommate, 38-year-old John Tom, was arrested and charged with unlawful surveillance when Pak called the cops shortly after finding the hidden camera and computer files.

(Image from BEWARE, by edEx at flickr)