The Department of Informational Technology and Telecommunications announced that different telecom providers will "fit about 18,000 lampposts...with cellular and high speed Internet antennaes" in a $25 million/year franchise agreement, according to the Post, which would mean more WiFi hot spots, faster rollout of 3G technology. Of course, there's some opposition, like Councilman Vallone who worries about health issues from cell antennaes and wants radiation inspection paid for by the telcom companies. ITT Commissioner Gino Menchini says the antennas are below FCC exposure guidelines, "In fact, the radiation from a micorwave oven exceeds by 100 times the emissions from these antennas." Hmm - you maybe use your microwave twice, three times a day while you're always walking outside. But let's face it, pretty much every New Yorker will rejoice, because there's nothing we like better than getting out information now now now. Gothamist wonders what this means for the City Lights competition. Will the new cell-and-Internet antennas be incorporated into them? Or will the antennas be hidden by some "real" NY touches, like sneakers or faux pigeons, the way the cell phone tower on the Hutchinson looks like a (super ugly) tree or ones in the West look like sagueros?

Gothamist on the city's cell phone reception problems study. And the above image from Forgotten NY's street lamps page.