Mayor Bloomberg; Photo - Daily NewsMayor Bloomberg announced that he was restoring over $90.2 million to the city's budget. The money will allow for:
- Twice weekly garbage pick ups citywide ($11 million);
- Keeping libraries open five days a week ($7.6 million);
- The Staten Island Ferry will continue to run four boats during rush hour ($2.3 million);
- Senior centers will get money to maintain services ($5.7 million);
- Teachers will get money for instructional material ($8 million);
- Money will go toward summer youth jobs ($12.5 million). [NY1]

The Times says the mayor is vague about where the money will come from, though some of the state's budget issues have given the city more funds, but make no mistake, this is a political issue for the mayor, trying to steal thunder from the City Council as saviors of city services. The Daily News gives the reaction City Councilman David Weprin (D-Queens): "What he's trying to do is basically scoop us." Whatever - Gothamist is happy that this summer, garbage will be picked up twice weekly - we'll take partisanship if it means getting rid of smoldering trash on a hot humid August day.