2005_12_johnwhitehead.jpgWill the wackiness at Ground Zero never end? Granted, it's not exactly about Ground Zero, but given that Lower Manhattan Development Corporation chairman John Whitehead has claimed that Attorney General Eliot Spitzer threatened him, we still think it counts as Ground Zero hijinks. Whitehead wrote in a Wall Street Journal opinion piece that Spitzer said to him earlier this year, "I will be coming after you. You will pay the price," after Whtiehead had defended Maurice Greenberg, the AIG head whose tenure saw a lot of accounting irregularities. Of course, Greenberg did donate $25 million to the WTC Memorial fund. And we believe that Whitehead was appointed by Governor Pataki - and Spitzer is looking to win the governorship for the Democratic party next year. The NY State GOP wants to investigate this threat, but Spitzer office says that Greenberg's friends just want to help him out. Next year's gubernatorial race is going to be nasty!