A friend of Village Voice staffer Emily Brady recently posted a Craigslist ad looking for a roommate, and got something much better instead: An epically incoherent response from a candidate who starts off citing her "mature sophisticated tastes" in movies, beginning with Superman and ending with Gone With the Wind. The 1,500-plus word tome-deaf message further elaborates on her hypo-allergenic cleaning needs, her flexibility "w/ bathroom time in the mornings so,. U can have it first if U need it, except if I need it in emergency... {esp. PMS intervals..} hahaha!!!" and her cryptic "P/T sense of humor ?? :)" Excerpting anything from this maladroit masterpiece is like reducing Joyce to CliffsNotes, so do enjoy it in its full glory. But here's our favorite bit: The candidate's exhaustive inventory of music preferences, which ranges from Arnie [sic] Guthrie to the Phantom of the Opera to "lots of new songs from the WPIX channel for the shows of Gossip Girl & One Tree Hill, & Smallville (Superman series on thurs nite.8pm), etc....& Supernatural.. They DO a great job at bringing in new music through these very 'happening' shows..." So when can Grandma move in?