The folks at the Observer outdid themselves this week: Gothamist nearly choked on our breakfast when we saw the illustration of 85 year-old Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau on the homepage. The picture accompanies a story about Morgenthau's potentially tough reelection this fall, after thirty years as D.A. (and the story is called "Is Morgy Cyborgy?"), and his efforts to reach out to voters, like going to clubs like XL to meet his supporters. Morgenthau is an old, old man, and his opponent, Leslie Crocker Snyder, who used to work under him as an Assistant D.A., is a sprightly 62. Plus she founded the first sex crimes unit in the country. But Morgenthau could make gains with the young voters, if his campaign decides to capitalize on his "legalize pot" stance.

No matter who wins the election this fall, we must say that the Manhattan D.A.'s site is one of the best ways to lose about four hours of time. As for the make-believe D.A.'s, we find Arthur Branch overbearing and Nora Lewin was pretty forgettable. Which leaves us with the indomitably weary Adam Schiff, played by Steven Hill, almost in constant, "Hell, who are you amateurs?" mode with his staff. And Shiff was apparently based on...Robert Morgenthau.