Usually when Gothamist is riding in a cab in New York, we're just happy if we can communicate, get to our destination in one piece, and that the driver doesn't get lost. All reasonable expectations, we think. The Taxi and Limousine Commission announced their cab driver of the year yesterday, who, by most standards seems to have done his job very well. Hossam Abdalla, an Egyptian cab driver, has been driving a taxi since 1999, returned $1 million worth of gold, diamonds, and titanium left in his cab last year. With all that, he could have joined the some of those other millionaires out there.

The TLC has a list online of the taxicab rider's bill of rights and an online complaint form. And there's Gothamist's interview with Melissa Plaut the driver behind the blog, New York Hack.

There are always plenty of taxi horror stories out there, do you have any good ones to share?