A reader in Prospect Heights sent us this exceptionally thorough sign that was affixed to his roommate's car over the weekend. As you can see, somebody put a lot of effort into this, and we feel their hard work should not go unnoticed. Our tipster insists the car was parked perfectly legally, and was not blocking a driveway, a curb-cut, a fire hydrant, or anything.

"It was a totally legit parking spot," says our source, who asked that we withhold his identity because, well, whoever left this note sounds like a psychopath. "I guess someone didn't want to walk around his car to get from their steps to the street? Or he used their usual parking space—we don't really know his/her motivation. The note-leaver's identity will probably be a mystery."

At any rate, we're told the car's owner has been successfully intimidated, and he'll comply with the mysterious request. We guess it just goes to show you what a little white-out and colored markers can accomplish, if you set your mind to it. Never doubt that a small group of scolds and their signage can change the world!