Bernie Sanders's interview with the Daily News Editorial Board raised some concern with critics. Whether or not that concern is warranted or not is up for debate, but one disturbing fact the interview revealed is that the Brooklyn native still thought we used tokens on the subway. Luckily, today he got his first MetroCard!

Bernie was a guest on The View today, where he discussed opponent Hillary Clinton, the anti-LGBT laws in North Carolina and Mississippi, and gun control, among other things. But the real treat came when the ladies got personal—Bernie revealed his celebrity crush (Joy Behar), his favorite fictional president (Jed Bartlet, duh) and his grandkids. You can watch the whole thing below, but at around 1:40 Jedidiah Bila gives Bernie his first flimsy little subway passport of dreams:

He seems to like it.

Hillary Clinton, meanwhile, used a MetroCard yesterday, though she had some trouble with it. Michele Bachmann, who I hear was once a politician, trolled her reeeeeal hard LOLomg.

And anecdotal evidence suggests GOP contender Ted Cruz has also been spotted on the subway.