Almost exactly four years after Bernie Madoff's massive Ponzi scheme was first revealed, the con man's brother Peter was sentenced to ten years in prison for his part of the scheme (which he swears he didn't know about). But before he goes to the big house, the younger Madoff will get to breathe free a little longer. A judge is letting him stay out of jail until February so he can attend his granddaughter's February bat mitzvah.

In a brief statement to the judge yesterday, Madoff reportedly said he was "deeply ashamed" of his conduct and had "tried to atone by pleading guilty." He also said: “I am profoundly sorry that my failures have let so many people down, including my own loved ones and family.”

But not everyone heard the "sorry" bit of Madoff's statement. “I never heard him say ‘I’m sorry,’ because he isn’t," one victim at the sentencing yesterday told CBS. "He isn’t sorry. He lived the life of royalty for 30-somthing years on somebody else’s dime.

Though he still claims that he didn't know what his brother was doing for the 39 years they worked together, Peter Madoff will now spend 10 years in prison for crimes including avoiding paying taxes on millions of dollars in income, submitting false filings to Securities regulators, and putting his wife on the payroll for a more than $100,000-a-year job with no responsibilities at Bernard L. Madoff Securities. Still, even the judge in the case had serious doubts about Madoff's ignorance:

"Peter Madoff’s contention that he did not know that anything was wrong with the investment advisory business is beneath the dignity" of a sophisticated Wall Street executive, Judge Swain said. "It is also, frankly, not believable."

Madoff will report to prison on February 6th after attending his granddaughter's bat mitzvah in late January.