If it's a cold weather month, it must be time to ponder the ethical behavior of Bernard Kerik! The former police commissioner is being accused of accepting gifts from a family with mob ties. While Kerik didn't accept cash wrapped in a box and tied with a ribbon, apparently a construction company did $200,000 of renovations to his Bronx apartment for just $17,000. Man, if that's what you get when you're the head of NYC corrections and a police commissioner, sign us up for the Police Academy! The NJ Division of Gaming Enforcement is trying to "revoke the casino industry licenses" contractors and companies get, and claimed NJ company Interstate Industrial tried to influence Kerik by giving him "thing of value" during his stint as a NYC public official. Interstate also employed Kerik's brother in a $80,000 salary job. While the NJ officials aren't accusing Kerik of wrongdoing, the Bronx DA may be investigating the claims. Now-consultant to the country of Jordan, Kerik, for his part, took the fifth when questioned, and his lawyer claims that even if the renovations to the Bronx apartment were worth $200,000, Kerik had no idea. Which is hilarious, because those solid gold faucets must have cost something!

And remember when Kerik withdrew his nomination to be the Homeland Security head last December? He was head of the curve, when it comes to Bush nominees.