2005_03_kerikcrying.jpgKudos to New York magazine for turning former Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik, currently laughingstock after being a September 11 "hero," into a crying, blubbering mess in their exclusive interview as he recounts the unraveling of his nomination as the head of Homeland Security. Gothamist was struck by how weepy Kerik was, like he was watching Brian's Song...Oprah producers are probably all over him to appear again, this big tough cop reduced to tear. The NY Times seemed surprised by the tear duct action as well, asking Rudy Giuliani's spokeperson if there really was communal crying.

And there seems to be some sort of weird "Guys who have public disgraces" club, as former New York Stock Exchange head Dick Grasso lent Kerik his weekend Hamptons home during the controversy. Gothamist doesn't know if Grasso got weepy, but we do know he looks like two cartoon characters (1, 2).