The statute of limitations may have passed for Bobby Davis and his step-brother Michael Lang regarding the sexual abuse they say they suffered at the hands of former Syracuse assistant coach Bernie Fine, but that doesn't mean they are done with their story. Not a bit. The pair has enlisted the help of lawyer Gloria Allred to represent them in a defamation suit against the university and head coach Jim Boeheim. "It’s time now to make both Syracuse University and coach Boeheim accountable," the suddenly omni-present Allred said at a press conference announcing the suit today.

Among other things, the pair are suing over comments Boeheim made after the resurfaced earlier regarding their case, specifically when he said: "The reason this came open now is that another person has come forward, right? It’s his relative....Well, why didn’t he come forward before? Here’s why: The Penn State thing came out and the kid behind this is trying to get money. He’s tried before. And now he’s trying again." Though Boeheim later apologized for questioning the motives of the pair (and they are now suing for unspecified monetary damages), it was too little and too late for Allred and her clients.

"It really hurt me to learn that coach Jim Boeheim accused me of lying," Davis said during the presser. "For a long time, this was my worst fear, that if I did speak up against this person, that no one would ever believe me because of who Bernie was and how he was perceived in the public, as a great person who did so much for kids.

"Then I thought about other victims who might be willing to come forward, but who would see or hear coach Boeheim’s comments calling me a liar, worried that they would never be willing to speak up because coach Boeheim is a person who many kids and people in this community admire."

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