Bernard Madoff, Mark Madoff and Andrew Madoff

Andrew Madoff, the surviving son of Ponzi mastermind Bernard Madoff, died at age 48. According to CNBC, he passed away this morning from lymphoma.

His brother, Mark Madoff, killed himself in his Soho apartment in 2010, over the enduring trouble from their father's scandal. While Bernard Madoff pleaded guilty to his multi-billion-dollar scam and is currently serving a 150-year sentence, Andrew and Mark Madoff insisted they were victims also, though they allegedly benefitted—Mark to the tune of $67 million and Andrew with $60 million.

In 2011, to promote a book about their family, Andrew Madoff and mother Ruth Madoff appeared on the Today Show and 60 Minutes to proclaim their ignorance. He told Matt Lauer, "From the beginning we have not really been able to speak. We were so vilified by the tabloids," but also admitted, "I completely understand the way people feel."