Last December, Mark Madoff committed suicide by hanging himself from the ceiling of his Soho apartment, apparently distraught over repercussions from his father Bernard Madoff's massive Ponzi scheme. This Friday, ABC News is running an interview with his widow Stephanie Madoff, and she does not like her father-in-law at all.

Mark Madoff was 46 when he killed himself; Stephanie was on a trip Florida with their daughter, while he stayed in New York with their young son. But she became concerned when she received increasingly distraught e-mails from him—a source told the Post last year, one message said, "I love you" and told her to "send someone to take care of Nick." Stephanie Madoff called her stepfather to check on her husband, and her stepfather found the body, with their son sleeping in another room.

Stephanie Madoff will be the first Madoff family to speak out. In a clip released by ABC News, she says that if she saw Bernard Madoff, who is serving a 150-year prison sentence, she would tell him, "I hold him fully responsible for killing my husband, and I’d spit in his face."

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The trustee in charge of retrieving money for Bernard Madoff's victims claims that his sons, brother and niece took tens of millions from unsuspecting investors to fund their lavish lifestyles.