Another week, another book about Ponzi schemer Bernard Madoff! Tomorrow, a new book about the sociopathic man and his family, Truth and Consequence: Life Inside the Madoff Family, by Laurie Sandell—with cooperation from his Ruth Madoff and son Andrew Madoff—will be released. Copies have been obtained in advance by media outlets—the Associated Press got one on Thursday and the Post found one. Revelations include how Madoff was obsessed with making sure his office blinds were perfectly lined up, he sent his son a suicidal-seeming text message, and he was a real charmer with his son's fiancee.

The Post describes Madoff's straightforward social skills:

As a family, the Madoffs were like a club, impenetrable and distrusting of outsiders. When son Andrew’s future fiancée, Catherine Hooper, met his parents for the first time at his brother Mark’s 44th birthday party in 2008, she was greeted strangely by Bernie.

“I want you to know that he’s not from money, despite what you see. I know you think he’s a rich guy, but we’re from nothing. My father was broke. We’re humble people,” he said.

“If you’re here for money -- think again.”

...And one day, when Ruth, Andrew, Catherine and Bernie were lounging on the yacht, he complimented Catherine’s body, adding, “But she could have been heavier on top.” Ruth and Andrew pretended not to hear.

Madoff also screamed at Hooper for leaving her new Dior purse on a table on Madoff's yacht, “The bottom of your bag has round metal feet on it! If the boat moves, those feet are going to leave a mark on the table." It's unclear how Madoff feels about scuff marks on the furniture in federal prison, where he is serving a 150-year sentence (he does like it there, though, and maybe the feds have some other ideas for him).

The book also has Andrew Madoff claiming he wanted to leave the firm, but his father laid a huge guilt trip: "In hindsight, it’s obvious that the fact that we were there provided cover. He used us as a shield ... Maybe the people at the firm who were in on it would have panicked if they’d seen us jumping ship."

Andrew Madoff and Catherine Hooper now run a "high-end disaster management" firm. Andrew Madoff and other relatives were accused of using his father's company as a personal piggy bank—Andrew Madoff specifically is alleged to have take $60 million in ill-gotten gains.

Ruth Madoff's 60 Minutes interview, including the revelation that she and Bernard tried to kill themselves, airs tonight.