On May 17th, disgraced NYPD Commissioner Bernard Kerik will be off to prison to serve a four-year term for tax fraud and lying to the White House while under consideration for Homeland Security chief back in 2004. But for now he's still under house arrest in New Jersey, where he's been keeping in touch with the world through the Facebook and the Twitter and, most recently, a blog. Kerik tells TPMmuckraker, "It's all national security and terrorism stuff related to some of the threats we face, things that I think we should be looking at." Yes, look at that stuff, and not Kerik's corruption and utter lack of credibility!

Between updating his social networking sites and blogging about terrorism, Kerik sat down for his first post-sentencing interview with WPIX. During the chat, he whined about how "the media has done a tremendous job trying to erase my over thirty years of service to this country. I think there is a lot that I have done that people should know about. Its not just the negative and the bad." He also reminisced about saving Guiliani's life on 9/11:

We were walking down West St., a number of his staff wanted him to go back to his office at City Hall and call the White House and this was captured," he said. "And I ran up to him and grabbed him and said 'you cant go to City Hall.'"

"I wanted to get him away from the danger zone, away from the towers. If we had gone to City Hall, we would have all died."

That's right, because people forget that Al Qaeda also flew planes into City Hall—which of course the media doesn't want you to know about. (Kerik and Giuliani were trapped inside a building at 75 Barclay Street when the towers collapsed, so we suppose he means they would have been killed by debris if they left at that time.) This much is certain: Kerik wants Russell Crowe to play him in a non-existent movie about his mendacious life. But if Crowe's not available, we think Rip Torn would be perfect. Ooh, or maybe Jeffrey Jones?