Bedbugs have infested some major name-brand stores in NYC this summer, including Hollister, Abercrombie & Fitch, and Victoria's Secret. Then they went after the bookworms at the NYPL! And now Bergdorf Goodman on Fifth Avenue has a bedbug-sniffing beagle roaming the aisles. This should make for a cute Metropolitan Diary entry about a pearl-clutching "woman of a certain age" discovering bedbugs' preference for blue blood, but the luxury department store insists there is nothing to see here, folks. This is just a preemptive strike! No bed bugs here. Please continue shopping.

"We haven’t had any reported cases of bed bugs, but we’ve decided to be on the safe side. It’s something our customers care about," Ginger Reeder, corporate spokeswoman for the Neiman Marcus Group, tells Womens Wear Daily. Reeder says the dogs are patrolling on the regular after the store closes at night, and the company is also closely monitoring their distribution centers. Reeder tells the Daily News, "The anxiety level is clearly high in New York. It seemed important to go the extra mile."