2006_06_faso.jpgAssemblyman John Faso of Columbia Country beat former Massachusettes governor William Weld for the GOP nomination for NY State governor yesterday. However, Weld did have enough support to stay on the ballot and force a primary this fall. The split between the two candidates represents many problems in the Republican party: On one side, you've got moderate, socially progressive members (Weld is pro-choice), on the other side, it's the conservatives (Faso is anti-abortion and the Conservation party nominee). Weld's people are playing it tough and tell the Times, "There's also a stature gap: Weld's big-time, a tough prosecutor, a former governor. Faso is an Albany insider and former lobbyist." At any rate, there are problems in the NY Republican party, and it's pretty clear that Spitzer will be our next governor.

And former Manhattan Borough President and mayoral candidate last fall, C. Virginia Fields, will not run for the State Senate (Harlem's David Paterson is Eliot Spitzer's Lieutenant Governor pick for gubernatorial elections this fall).