The East River Ferry is back up and running as of yesterday, giving people one more option for crossing the river into either Manhattan or Brooklyn. Naturally, like with everything else in New York right now, there are massive lines. The above photo was taken this morning at the North Williamsburg stop, and one onlooker tells us the line was moving very slowly even as the ferries showed up. As of today, the ferry is still running on a modified schedule (full details here), and two routes: "a northern loop, making stops at North Williamsburg, Long Island City, and East 34th Street; and a southern loop, making stops at North Williamsburg, Brooklyn Bridge Park in DUMBO, and Wall Street/Pier 11. There will be free transfers at North Williamsburg." Their bus service from East 34th Street is on a limited schedule, but still running for free.

For the northern loop ferries will arrive at each stop in 15-minute intervals, while the ferries on the southern loop will arrive at each stop in 30-minute intervals. The last ferries will run around 6 p.m. tonight.

This morning we checked out the Brooklyn Bridge Park ferry stop in DUMBO (no lines around 10 a.m.), where one woman told us she has been taking the ferry since it started running yesterday, adding it was fine going over in the morning but crazier upon her return on the last ferry out of Manhattan. You can expect chaos tonight, too:

If you don't want to deal with bus or ferry lines, there's always walking. Many have been crossing the bridges to get to the other side, and this morning the Department of Transportation were counting the number of people crossing the Brooklyn Bridge by foot and bike.

Additional reporting by Anne Saunders.