And now, a $114 million Upper East Side mansion with a "panic room"/dressing room renovated to look alternatively like the Palace of Versailles and a Queens movie theater.

Sure, you've seen renderings of a $95 million penthouse in the sky. But people actually heaped precious stones and pizza ovens onto six floors of this 20,000 square-foot mansion like they're toppings on frozen yogurt.

The Violas gutting everything from their home, a former pediatrician's office which was built in 1883, before moving in. The Times allows the excess to unfold with typical understatement:

“We lived at the Waldorf Astoria for the first three years of the renovation,” Ms. Viola said. They moved into the 19-room mansion five years ago as soon as its kitchen was habitable. “I wanted it to feel welcoming, like your grandmother’s kitchen,” she said. So it’s a grandmotherly 40 feet wide, with four mahogany-framed windows overlooking 69th Street, a pizza-primed corner brick oven, brick-and-fieldstone walls, a butcher-block island with a cooktop, multiples of Viking ovens and other premium appliances, and three stone sinks. The floors are made from reclaimed railroad ties “sliced like bologna.”

The family is moving to Florida. The de Blasios are moving into a dump.