When we learned yesterday that a cop was stuck up in a tree, our first thought was to point and cackle was for the safety of the officer, who had bravely ascended into the boughs to rescue a scared stray kitty. But it's nice to know the firefighters called to the scene were able to see the humor in the situation; one witness says they made sure to have a good laugh at the cop before helping him down.

"[The firefighters] didn’t go straight to helping him,” one witness tells the Post. “They all gathered around and laughed at him. They took their time just crowding around. It seemed the officer was enjoying himself.” The tabloid identifies the officer as NYPD veteran Dane Natto, who will no doubt find his locker packed with tree branches, Hello Kitty accessories, and a Blu-Ray copy of Vertigo when he reports for duty today.

The stray cat was spotted by children and faculty at PS 213 in Oakland Gardens, Queens. “The cat was at the tip of the branch and the branch was shaking,” one 12-year-old boy tells the Daily News. “The cat was nervous.” Responding to the distress call, Officer Natto climbed up in an attempt to rescue the cat, but the kitty kept climbing higher. Soon both cat and cop found themselves higher than nature intended, and it was up to New York's Bravest to rescue them with a ladder. Once they finally stopped ROFLMAO.

At press time, it was unclear what happened to the mouse the cat was trying to "rescue."