CBS has published their bizarre interview with 18-year-old Maxwell Sherman, the man accused of strangling 18-year-old Lauren Daverin and leaving her naked body at the foot of the footbridge in Mill River Park. Sherman spoke to a reporter on Friday near the scene of the crime, wearing the same shirt seen in his mug shot and bearing several scratches on his face. After telling the reporter that he "met [Daverin] for like five minutes," he was asked for his reaction. "Amazed; kind of. It’s right in the middle of town. Surprised."

Nassau County police arrested Sherman on Saturday and charged him with second-degree murder. Sherman, who is reportedly unemployed, lives on Long Beach with his parents, who were out of town this past weekend. A neighbor of the Shermans told the Post, “His parents are just nice, normal people. They told me he’s a bit of a troublemaker.”

Vivian Yee at the Times spoke with locals who described the area where Daverin's body was found as a place where middle school soccer practices are held during the day. At night it serves as a place for teenagers "to drink and not get in trouble, or caught." Daverin and a group of friends had been hanging out at the footbridge Thursday night before splitting up to go home or get food, leaving the teenager alone.

A friend of Daverin's said that she was "always the person that when you were upset, she'd be the one to make you laugh."