On Thursday night, a police sergeant shot and killed a suspect who fled from a car that had been pulled over during a Brooklyn undercover operation. Police said the suspect, Tyjuan Hill, 22, aimed a 9mm Kel-Tec semi-automatic at officers and had been stopped when he and others approached a police officer posing as a prostitute. But his mother is skeptical of the NYPD's story.

The NYPD told City Room that after residents' complaints about prostitution along the border of Red Hook and Carroll Gardens, "Operating Losing Proposition" sting was set up at Huntington and Henry Streets. And that's where the car carrying Hill and three other men allegedly propositioned the undercover cop. City Room reports, "Officers in two separate police cars hemmed in the Mazda and ordered the four suspects out of the car. Mr. Hill stepped out from the front-passenger seat and put his hands on the car as if to surrender and submit to a pat-down, but then fled on foot, Mr. Browne said."

Officers caught up with Hill at Hamilton Avenue near West 9th Street, where they struggled to arrest him. Browne said, "This guy is fighting, kicking his legs, and during the attempt to subdue him, one of the other officers present did try to use pepper spray, to no effect." As the officers were trying to handcuff Hill, Hill allegedly withdrew the gun (which was reported stolen in West Virginia three years ago) and aimed it at officers, prompting a 32-year-old sergeant to fire once. The bullet hit Hill in the head and he was pronounced dead at the scene.

However, Hill's mother told the Post that her son called her in the 9 p.m. hour to say he was coming home, "He knows better than to carry a weapon. [And] he had no trouble getting a girl. He was a very handsome guy.” Hill was released from prison seven months ago, after serving time for an attempted robbery conviction.