There's nothing like discount drunk-shopping at Marshalls after downing a few beers at your local Duane Reade. THIS IS YOUR FUTURE, Williamsburg. Just like the Mayans predicted. According to the Real Deal, the discount department store is interested in moving—along with a CVS—into a currently stalled development at 242 Bedford Avenue, which is right there in Williamsburg proper. This basically means that the neighborhood is turning into a strip mall, and not the kind with an Apple Store in it.

A broker told the site that Marshalls is "considering taking a small amount on the ground floor and the entire lower level. CVS would take a large amount of the ground floor" (Curbed has a rendering of the building). One real estate expert says if they move ahead with the idea, it will only attract even more chain stores. One vintage clothing store owner in the area says a Marshalls would ruin the neighborhood's "atmosphere"... and it would definitely steal its soul.