2005_12_bedbugs.jpgOn the heels of this past weekend's stomach turning report that, yes, bedbugs are on the rise all over the city, two Swiss businesswomen are suing the Hotel Pennsylvania and Vornado Realty Trust over the bedbug-infested stay they had in September. Their lawyer says that when the women complained to a hotel employee about being bitten by something, the employee immediately said, "Bedbugs!" showing that there was knowledge of the pest at the Penn Station-area hotel. The women were treated at a local hospital and also have "gruesome" photographs to show their wounds on their face, necks, torsos, arms and legs. Since travelers tend to carry bedbugs, this is yet another story in a long line of "the hotel's bedbugs bit me" - we remember a case at the Helmsley Hotel in 2003. Gothamist wonders if we should travel with disposable plastic sheets to sleep in the next time we stay in a hotel.

Ask Gothamist on how to deal with bedbugs in your home - namely, bug your landlord. And check out the Health Department's information and suggestions on how to handle bed bugs.

Image from WNBC, which has a really gross slideshow of bedbugs