Scalpel... Forceps... Bedbugs?[UPDATE BELOW] It's never a good day to wind up at Kings County Hospital in need of medical attention, but today seems particularly undesirable. According to a report over the wires, EMS units "are being triaged in the hallway due to a bedbug infestation in the triage room at the hospital." For reference, this is the same hospital in which surveillance video showed a 49-year-old psychiatric patient left to die on the floor of a waiting room. But what a great place to be a blood-sucking parasite! From the bedbugs' point of view it's like an all-you-can-eat buffet at Ponderosa over there. Hope Mason, a spokesperson for the hospital, tells us they have an exterminator on site looking into the situation, but insisted it wasn't an "infestation." UPDATE 1:21 p.m.: Mason tells us the exterminator found no bedbugs, and the triage rooms are fully operational.