On the heels of Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer's call to arms against bedbugs, the parasites have sent a clear message that no one in Stringer's district is safe—not even the D.A. After invading the offices of Cyrus Vance Jr. on September 11th, the bedbugs have come back for more. Or did they ever leave? They survive up to a year between feedings, as you surely know by now.

The Post reports that the bedbug was found on the seventh floor yesterday, and a quick-thinking employee immediately doused it with alcohol, rendering it too drunk to bite. Employees in the vicinity were told to take their belongings and evacuate, and exterminators arrived at the scene after 5 p.m. "I was told to go to my office and take my stuff out," says one unnamed employee. "They just got rid of them across the street, and now they're here."

They're also at PS 87 on the Upper West Side. And the Waldorf. And outside the Affinia hotel. And inside your head, dancing the tarantella.