Much like justice, bedbugs' wrath is blind and will hit anyone, anywhere. That's why it's not surprising that they have been found at the Manhattan DA's office. Above the Law reports, "An employee in the office informs us that a bedbug-sniffing canine was brought into the 80 Centre Street building this afternoon — and that the dog alerted to the presence of bedbugs in multiple locations. Furthermore, rumor has it that (1) the powers-that-be in the office have known about bedbugs at 80 Centre Street for at least a week, and (2) the main building, at One Hogan Place, has had bedbugs for even longer." Chung chung!

ATL's tipster adds, "Several offices apparently came back positive for bed bugs. But, bizarrely, they are only going to fumigate those specific offices — not the entire building, like they should." Why? For budgetary reasons which means, "People are generally livid.”

Bedbugs have already hit the Brooklyn DA's office and Bronx DA's office (where a bedbug beagle was also spotted). Richard Brown and Dan Donovan, you better be on guard.