"The Department of Health is infested with bed bugs." No, not a discarded lyric from an Alanis Morrissette tune—a real life occurrence happening right now!

Reports of the pests have surfaced over the past several weeks, and lo and behold, "live bug colonies" were found on the Long Island City building's 11th floor, the Daily News reports. Though the colonies themselves are centralized on one floor, the tiny beasts have been found on at least three floors.

"Although in the past we have found individual bed bugs, we have for the first time in the past week found a group of bed bugs living in one area of the 11th floor of the building," an email sent to employees Tuesday read.

DOH employees are understandably incensed.

"Everyone is freaking out and can't stop talking about it," one employee told the tabloid. "We had to sit through an hourlong presentation on bed bugs yesterday, but they weren't really addressing any concerns. We kept asking why they didn’t clean the whole floor.”