A tipster tells us that "the unemployment office" at 215 West 125 Street is infested with eager ambitious bedbugs who are willing to bite for food. "The sixth floor is covered with them and they still let the public walk around there without any warning," says our source. "All of the employees have their stuff in plastic bags and they aren't even spraying for them yet. Some employee said they've had them for 6 months and will not close the office to get rid of them efficiently so they keep coming back." Reached for comment, one employee confirmed the infestation, which has been plaguing them off and on for years.

"This is our third outbreak of bedbugs in two years," says Judy Sullivan, Labor Service Rep Supervisor at Workforce 1, which offers an array of unemployment services and includes offices of the NYC Department of Unemployment, AARP, and the Department of Labor. "It's annoying! They don't really do much, but it's annoying." Sullivan, who currently sports several bedbug bites, confirms that she and her coworkers must keep all their personal belongings in plastic bags, and that she's personally seen bedbugs crawling around her office. "I've sprayed my chair and work area with Clorox bleach, and have a bag by my door at home where I keep my clothes so I don't carry them inside," Sullivan tells us.

An exterminator came to the office last night for the first time since this latest outbreak started at the beginning of the month. The office has remained opened despite the infestation, which is good for the people that Workforce 1 helps, and good for bedbugs, too! "Our city looks like it's infested," observes Sullivan. "It would be great if we could get our people some jobs as exterminators. They just need some training."