Bedbug bitten arm; photo: NY Post

Is Leona Helmsley landlady to bedbugs as well as many NY businesses? A Mexican father and son claim that they were mauled by bedbugs at the Helmsley Park Lane hotel and are suing the Leona's hotel. Last summer, Ventura Arrangoiz and Ventura Requejo stayed awoke at the Park Lane hotel with many bug bites all over their torso and arms, but did not think they were from the hotel and left for the day. Upon their return, they were relocated to another room due to "renovation." They left NY and realized the bedbugs must have been from the Park Lane, and by that time, the bed bugs had infiltrated their luggage and home in Mexico, necessitating fumigating and parts of the house being dug up.

The men's lawyers are asking for damages from "physical pain, mental anguish,
emotional distress and lost earnings." Helmsley lawyers are saying that the lawsuit is a publicity stunt, considering they have only heard about it through the media. But what a publicity stunt it is: The Queen of Mean and bedbugs!

More about the Park Lane Hotel and bedbugs. And Jeff Van Dam covered bedbugs in NY earlier in the Times.