Some residents of a public housing building in Bed-Stuy have gone without heat for the past eight years, enduring cold so pervasive that tenants say they live in fear of winter, DNAinfo reports.

The Section 8 housing, located at 305 Decatur Street, has been an icy hell since the current management company, Shinda Management Corp., took over in 2005. Some residents have managed to convince the owners to install baseboard heating, but had to fight and harangue even for that.

"You dread every winter," one resident, Collette Wright, told the news site. "Have you ever been so cold that you're under your covers and you feel the cold on your eyeballs?"

The Department of Housing Preservation and Development worked with Shinda to arrange fixes to the property—including new boilers—in 2007. Though work was expected to begin in 2008, it never did.

In their desperation, tenants have even sought help through the company's Facebook page. "Can we have some hot water please?" wrote Besimayah Parrish on October 19, a minute before adding "Oh and some heat please."

Another complaint spoke of a constantly beeping alarm, and another beleaguered tenant wrote of her poor experiences dealing with Shinda staff. "I do not understand why Shinda Management employees at the building 250 West 146th are using their security system to torture tenants and their guests," she wrote.