It's possibly the most famous couple to sue over bed bugs: Saturday Night Live star Maya Rudolph and auteur Paul Thomas Anderson claim that their SoHo rental was infested with the vermin and are now suing Halstead Property and the owner, Francis Feeney! They were paying $13,500/month for a Greene Street loft (plus two months' rent, security deposit, broker's fee), but found themselves (and their baby!) bitten. Ew. The exterminator told them they would have to move out for a couple weeks, and the family hasn't been back since.

When we wrote about bed bugs a few weeks ago, reader lorna offered an interesting suggestion:

I knew of someone who was battling bedbugs and they came up with a solution so simple it was brilliant.

Bedbugs are nocturnal and need a host to survive. So what my friend did was at 10pm he would turn on all the lights in his apartment and stay at a friends house. After two weeks the bedbugs were dead and he never had a problem after that.

That does sound brilliant - you just need to make sure you can find a place to stay for so long. For further bed bug education (and lotsa pictures!), check out this awesome slideshow on This Old House.