There's a classic he said/she said playing out at a Park Slope cinema, where moviegoers and theater management are arguing over allegations that the multiplex is infested with bed bugs.

Commenters on the messageboard have claimed that "there's a giant bedbug problem" at the Pavilion Cinema on Prospect Park West. "It is not a rumor," wrote one commenter. "I experienced it first hand during Julie and Julia whenever that was a few months ago. I was bit by an adult bed bug in the big theater. Luckily he did not come home with me, but I am not taking any chances and am staying far away from that place."

Though commenters and even the folks at Fucked in Park Slope have expressed some skepticism about the allegations, the theater is also listed on the website, where one visitor wrote: "My partner and I went here on 9/1/2009, and I noticed three bites in a tell-tale time after we left. We do not have bedbugs in our home, so I can only assume they came from spending 2.5 hours in the dark theater."

But Pavilion management told Gothamist that allegations of a bed bug infestation are false. "That is inaccurate information, we do not have a bed bug problem," said general manager Lauren Goffio, who noted that she has asked the theater's exterminator to "double check" for the increasingly ubiquitous critters in the wake of a bed bug outbreak in a Sheepshead Bay cinema.