After Republican gubernatorial candidate and inveterate dirty email forwarder Carl Paladino threatened to beat up its Albany bureau chief, the Post hasn't been very happy with Paladino. And now the right-leaning paper has gone ahead and endorsed Democratic candidate Andrew Cuomo for governor, but adds, "Let's be right up front with our principal reservation: It is not all that clear whether anyone now on the scene is fully up to the task."

The endorsement acts as a diatribe against Eliot Spitzer, David Paterson, Albany, Paladino's cohorts, and even Cuomo. Here's some of it: "Paladino revealed himself to be undisciplined, unfocused and untrustworthy -- that is, fundamentally unqualified for the office he seeks" and "[Cuomo's] acceptance of support from the highly dubious Independence and Working Families parties suggests that he's not above a little transactional politicking of his own." However, the Post says, "We believe that the attorney general has the experience, the talent and the vision to blaze a path to reform. Whether he has the staying power -- the sheer will -- necessary to achieve it remains very much to be seen. And we intend fully to monitor his progress, and to offer advice when appropriate."

In August, the Daily News thought the two Republican candidates—Paladino and Rick Lazio—were so bad that they just endorsed Cuomo.