Instead of a man-bites-dog or dog-bites-man news item, the weather for the next couple of days is more of a man-and-dog-enjoy-an-afternoon-in-the-park story. High pressure centered just off the coast means New York is in for a couple of warm, sun-filled, warn days. Today's high will approach 80 degrees inland while remaining a little cooler than that along the shore (outdoor amusements were located on Coney Island for a reason). Tomorrow should be a couple of degrees warmer than today.

Friday is looking equally sunny and warm but, oh noes, the humidity will be on the rise. The moisture is in advance of a cold front that will slowly make it's way through town on Saturday. Or maybe Sunday. The timing of the front's passage is still uncertain. Before the front arrives there's a chance of scattered showers, and maybe a thunderstorm.

Don't let that frontal uncertainty spoil your holiday weekend fun! Once the front passes the skies should clear, giving way to a mostly sunny Monday with a high in the 70s.