2008_04_parksm.jpgShe may have just spent a vacation in Antigua with Paul McCartney, but MTA board member Nancy Shevell does need to make sure she looks good. Perhaps that's why she parked her SUV in a commercial loading zone while visiting a salon.

The Post reports Shevell's "special MTA police placard plastered to her dashboard that allows her - and the rest of the agency's board members - to park their vehicles in no-parking, loading, and metered zones." While the MTA does allow the permits to be used for official business, it's unclear whether the salon appointment is official (was it at a business that will be screwed by the Second Avenue Subway construction?).

It's doubtful if her and other MTA board members' permits will be wiped out in Bloomberg's parking permit crackdown, as the Governor wields power with the MTA. And Shevell and McCartney were seen kissing in the Hamptons last fall--Shevell was apparently friends with the Beatle's late wife Linda.