Almost ten years after the crime, the Manhattan DA's office is prosecuting Leroy Johnson for raping two women at knifepoint in a Waverly Place apartment. The Post had details on Johnson's life, which are depressing (his father died of a drug overdose when he was 3, his mother developed schizophrenia), but it's also upsetting that his life turned so violent at a young age (at 13, he raped a woman, and two years later, he and another person raped actress Kelly McGillis and her roommate on the Upper West Side in 1982). The NYPD arrested Johnson last year after his DNA matched the 1996 rape, and the DA's office just made it within the 10 year statute of limitations to try him. However, the DA can only mention crimes committed in the past 10 years, not the earlier crimes. Johnson's defense will be to contest the validity of the DNA evidence