2006_04_dwanprince.jpgYesterday, a Brooklyn resident Steven Pomie was sentenced to 25 years for viciously beating a gay man last summer. The crime is so insanely vicious - Dwan Prince had allegedly made some "flirtatious remarks" at Pomie last June (Pomie was wearing his girlfriend's pink tanktop - witnesses say that Pomie told Prince, "What are you looking at?"), leading to Pomie and other men to beat him. And with Prince on the ground, Pomie later returned to kick him in the head. Prince was in a coma for weeks and remains partially paralyzed, but testified in the sentencing.

Pomie denied having any part in the attack during the trial, though he apologized; still, he was found guilty for both first-degree assault and assault as a hate crime, receiving 25 years in jail. The Daily News reports that Prince tried to pass tissues to the crying Pomie before the sentencing. Prince's mother, Valerie Prinez, said, "Dwan is my hero. Dawn should be an inspiration and a hero throughout the world because no human being can go through to tolerate and to endure and still have positive spirit."