What can you say about the Vernon NJ Police Department except that they like Hanna-Barbera? Because they created a "WANTED" poster with Yogi Bear's likeness, after discovering a black bear had stolen a minivan.

Well, maybe "stolen" is overreaching, but Patrolman David Dehardt noticed that a Mazda minivan was parked in an odd spot, and when he approached the car, it had the classic signs of bear presence: "mashed window, paw prints, smudge marks on the windshield, gobs of drool all over the cloth seats, interior door panels torn off, claw marks and lots of animal hair."

The police believe that the bear was trying to steal Halloween candy and managed to dislodge the parking brake (which sent the minivan 40 feet down a driveway) during the process. Patrolman Dehardt "followed a trail candy wrappers into the woods" but could not find the bear (we bet it passed out somewhere from all the sugar!). So the police department created the Wanted poster, noting that the bear's crimes included burglary, theft, and joy riding. If found, the bear may face charges - in kangaroo court. (Sorry, we couldn't help it!)

And WCBS 2 reports that the minivan's owner Sharon Terzakis, a New York resident, is "getting her deductible, but there is no exemption for 'bears.'"