Two boys, one from Brooklyn and one from Jersey City, aged 11 and 12, were injured when a black bear attacked their campsite in northern New Jersey yesterday, state officials are reporting. One boy's foot was punctured and the other's shoulder was scratched in the attack.

The boys, whose names were not released, were attacked at about 5 a.m. in the Stokes State Forest in Sussex County, near the Appalachian Trail. State police said the area was being used by Trail Blazers Camp, an outdoor adventure program for kids. The bear attempted to grab the children out of two separate tents, one of the two adult counselors with the group of nine children told authorities. The adults moved the children into a partially enclosed cabin near the campsite for safety until a wildlife technician arrived and shot the bear in the neck. The bear was injured but not killed, and fled into the forest, while the boys were taken to a hospital and treated for superficial injuries.

Officials described the bear as a yearling, the age between cub and full-grown adult. They have laid traps for the bear, and state biologist Al Ivany told NBC, "The bear will be shot once it's found ... it will be killed." Last month, two New York teens were attacked by a bear in Alaska, though officials say bear incidents in New Jersey are rare.