The litterbugs are speaking up. Following their annual Heatwave BBQ that left Prospect Park looking more like a landfill than a public oasis, hosts of the event, MIHventures has released the following "explanation":

Attendance at the event was much greater than anticipated, overwhelming our clean-up efforts. Our efforts to restore the park to its original condition extended late into the evening, but after exhausting our supplies, we decided to continue the clean-up the next day. When we returned with the necessary supplies and man power, the park had been cleaned. We deeply regret, however, that volunteers and park staff ultimately shouldered the responsibility of cleaning up after our event.

Surely they expected more than 25 people to show up, which is the amount you would need for a permit, which they didn't obtain, nor did they explain their lack of one. As the city contemplates legal action, MIH says they will be organizing a park clean-up event this Fall. Is that enough for what was described as the "2 to 3 acres of solid garbage" they left for the Parks Department to deal with?