The state is going through with some of the proposed state park closings, and Bayswater Point State Park was the first to go. The park, known for its prime fishing and plane watching, was padlocked on Thursday, saving the state just $5,500 on its $9 billion budget gap. State Office of Parks spokesman Dan Keefe told the Daily News in March that the shuttering would be the first time a state park has closed other than for seasonal closures.

In total, the state would save $6.3 million by closing 55 state parks and historical sites. NYCAviation reports that if the budget is amended to include park funding, Bayswater could reopen. The State Senate and the Assembly have voted to include $11.3 million in parks operating funds, but the budget would need to pass soon to avoid any more closures. Since Bayswater isn't allowed to accept private funds, NYCAviation wasn't allowed to hold a fundraiser for the park. The park's website currently says, "Due to New York State's fiscal crisis this facility is slated for closure or reduced operations for the 2010 season. Please call ahead."