2008_11_dimitri.jpgA group of about 40 young adults in Queens celebrating a girl's eighteenth birthday had their reveling come to an abrupt end when one of them was intentionally run over by a car filled with three others who had already gotten the boot from the party. The group had rented a bus to transport themselves back and forth from Bayside High School to a Long Island parking lot where they drank and smoked cigars. On the bus ride back around 1 a.m., three of the party goers who had been invited through a friend on Facebook were thrown off the bus after a fight broke out and the driver caught them smoking. From there, they quickly hopped into a Honda Civic and chased the bus down. Eventually they tracked down and targeted 19-year-old Dimitri Arvanitogiannis and rammed into him with the car. Arvanitogiannis is in critical condition but expected to survive. The driver and his two passengers later turned themselves into police and are still in custody being questioned.